20 Sweet Romantic Fantasy Ideas – #5

Do you have art block again, or do you need some drawing ideas to get you started? I’ve got you covered today with twenty Romantic Fantasy Ideas! If you would like to see more of these pop up let me know in the comments, now let’s go!

  1. A gnome and their fairy partner cuddling up together in a cozy mushroom house.
  2. A kitsune and their human lover sharing a plate of sushi under a blooming cherry blossom tree.
  3. A mermaid and their pirate lover sitting on a rock, exchanging playful banter.
  4. A wizard and their golem partner playing chess in a study filled with books and magical artifacts.
  5. A dragon and their unicorn mate taking a ride on a rainbow.
  6. A zombie and their ghost lover holding hands as they walk through a spooky cemetery.
  7. A werewolf and their vampire mate sharing a dessert at a fancy restaurant.
  8. A harpy and their centaur partner cuddled up together in a cozy nest.
  9. A yeti and their sasquatch lover having a snowball fight on a mountaintop.
  10. A phoenix and their griffin mate enjoying a picnic on a sunny meadow.
  11. A faun and their dryad lover dancing together in a circle of blooming flowers.
  12. A witch and their werewolf partner brewing a love potion in a bubbling cauldron.
  13. A mermaid and their sea serpent mate taking a relaxing swim in a tranquil lagoon.
  14. A half-dragon and their human lover holding hands and exploring a magical city.
  15. A satyr and their sphinx partner playing a game of riddles in a sun-dappled forest.
  16. A gnome and their giant lover enjoying a warm drink in a cozy mountain cabin.
  17. A mermaid and their octopus mate sharing a moment of tenderness under the sea.
  18. A griffin and their roc partner sharing a meal on a mountaintop, surrounded by clouds.
  19. A pixie and their human lover sharing a kiss in a field of fireflies.
  20. A yeti and their abominable snowman mate sharing a warm cup of cocoa in an icy cave.

I hope that this gets you excited to draw something sweet and romantic this week!

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