20 Ideas for Happy Summer Themes – #6

About two years ago I started making Youtube videos on interesting drawing ideas that you can use when you are going through art block. Here are 20 Examples of some Happy Summer Themes that I thought could come in handy.

  1. A group of platypuses playing in a river, with one platypus using its bill to catch fish while another is floating on its back.
  2. A family of chinchillas having a picnic on a checkered blanket in a lush garden, with one chinchilla reading a book under a tree.
  3. A group of lemurs playing in a splash pad, with one lemur wearing goggles and doing a cannonball into the water.
  4. A family of armadillos enjoying a barbecue in their backyard, with one armadillo grilling vegetables on a skewer.
  5. A group of raccoons having a water balloon fight, with one raccoon wearing a helmet and using a slingshot to launch the balloons.
  6. A family of beavers building a dam in a stream, with one beaver using a large leaf as a sun hat.
  7. A group of zebras playing a game of beach soccer, with one zebra using a coconut as the ball.
  8. A family of skunks going on a road trip, with one skunk driving a vintage car and another reading a map.
  9. A group of kangaroos playing in a pool, with one kangaroo wearing a snorkel and goggles while another is sunbathing on a floatie.
  10. A family of goats having a picnic in a meadow, with one goat playing a ukulele while another is eating a watermelon.
  11. A group of hamsters having a beach party, with one hamster wearing a grass skirt and playing a ukulele.
  12. A family of hedgehogs enjoying a day at the beach, with one hedgehog using a shell as a bucket to collect seashells.
  13. A group of pandas having a watermelon-eating contest, with one panda using chopsticks to eat the juicy fruit.
  14. A family of foxes going on a hike in the mountains, with one fox carrying a backpack full of snacks and water.
  15. A group of wolves camping in the forest, with one wolf roasting marshmallows on a stick over a campfire while another is playing guitar.
  16. A family of squirrels having a picnic in a park, with one squirrel wearing a bowtie and serving tea to the others.
  17. A group of bears going on a fishing trip, with one bear using a fishing rod to catch a big fish while another is floating on a tube.
  18. A family of mice having a barbecue in their backyard, with one mouse wearing a chef hat and grilling burgers on a mini grill.
  19. A group of otters playing in a waterfall, with one otter wearing a snorkel and exploring underwater while another is floating on a log.
  20. A family of deer enjoying a day at the carnival, with one deer wearing a cotton candy hat and another riding a carousel.

These happy and cute summer drawing ideas can inspire you to create delightful and playful artwork that captures the joy and warmth of the season and will also get you out of that dreaded art block. Use bright colors, playful details, and imaginative characters to bring your illustrations to life and create a world that is full of happiness and positivity.

If you would like to see more examples to get you out of your art block let me know in the comments!

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