10 Ideas for Fantasy Monster Drawings – #4

10 Drawing Ideas featuring Fantasy Monsters

About two years ago I started making Youtube videos on interesting drawing ideas that you can use when you are going through art block. Here are 10 Examples of some Fantasy Creature Themes that I thought could come in handy.

  1. A towering snail with a shell the size of a castle, slowly making its way across a landscape and leaving a trail of glistening slime.
  2. A colossal jellyfish with tentacles that stretch for miles, floating through the ocean and illuminating the darkness with its bioluminescence.
  3. A massive centipede with a body made of crystal and legs that glint in the sunlight, scurrying through a cavern and leaving a trail of rainbow light.
  4. A giant stag beetle with horns like ivory and a body covered in jewels, crawling through a forest and defending its territory with ferocity.
  5. A towering tree giant made of bark and leaves, striding through a forest and tending to the trees with gentle care.
  6. A massive anglerfish with teeth like swords and a lure that glows with an eerie light, swimming through the depths and hunting its prey.
  7. A gargantuan elephant with tusks made of diamonds and skin that shimmers like gold, trumpeting through a savannah and leading its herd to safety.
  8. A giant sea serpent with scales that shift colors and a roar that echoes across the ocean, slithering through the waves and striking fear into the hearts of sailors.
  9. A towering octopus with arms that stretch for miles and a beak that can crush bones, lurking in the deep and guarding its hidden lair.
  10. A colossal griffin with wings as wide as a canyon and talons that can tear apart mountains, soaring through the skies and protecting its territory with ferocity.

These themes can inspire you to create epic and awe-inspiring artwork that captures the grandeur and power of giant fantasy creatures and finally get you out of your art block. Be sure to pay attention to details like the textures and colors of each creature, as well as their surroundings and the characters or objects they may be interacting with. This can help bring your artwork to life and make it more impactful.

If you would like to see more examples to get you out of your art block let me know in the comments! Also here are a couple links to more ideas!

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10 Ideas for Fantasy Monster Drawings – #4

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