10 Ideas for Fantasy Monster Drawings – #1

10 Drawing Ideas featuring Fantasy Monsters

About two years ago I started making Youtube videos on interesting drawing ideas that you can use when you are going through art block. Here are 10 Examples of some Fantasy Creature Themes that I thought could come in handy.

  1. A giant dragon looming over a medieval castle, breathing fire and smoke.
  2. A towering sea monster attacking a fleet of ships, with its tentacles and jaws tearing through the waves.
  3. A giant cyclops wandering through a misty forest, clutching a massive club and peering through its single eye.
  4. A colossal kraken rising from the depths of the ocean, its massive tentacles reaching towards the surface.
  5. A towering giant made of stone, awakening from a centuries-long slumber to wreak havoc on a peaceful village.
  6. A massive griffin perched atop a mountain peak, surveying its kingdom below.
  7. A towering troll guarding a rickety bridge, wielding a massive club and growling fiercely at any who dare cross.
  8. A gargantuan phoenix soaring through the clouds, its fiery wings lighting up the sky.
  9. A massive unicorn galloping through a field of wildflowers, its horn gleaming in the sunlight.
  10. A towering golem made of ice, slowly trudging through a snow-covered landscape, leaving a trail of frost and destruction in its wake.

These themes can inspire you to create epic and awe-inspiring artwork that captures the grandeur and power of giant fantasy creatures and finally get you out of your art block. Be sure to pay attention to details like the textures and colors of each creature, as well as their surroundings and the characters or objects they may be interacting with. This can help bring your artwork to life and make it more impactful.

If you would like to see more examples to get you out of your art block let me know in the comments! Also here are a couple links to more ideas!

10 Ideas for Fantasy Monster Drawings – #1

10 Ideas for Fantasy Monster Drawings – #2

10 Ideas for Fantasy Monster Drawings – #3

10 Ideas for Fantasy Monster Drawings – #4

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