10 Sweet and Romantic Fantasy Ideas – Vol #2

10 Drawing Ideas for Sweet and Romantic Themes

Do you have art block again, or do you need some drawing ideas to get you started? I’ve got you covered today with ten Romantic Fantasy Ideas! If you would like to see more of these pop up let me know in the comments, now let’s go!

  1. A knight and their beloved princess sharing a dance at a grand ball.
  2. A fairy couple cuddled up together in a flower bed.
  3. A vampire and their mortal lover gazing into each other’s eyes under the moonlight.
  4. A phoenix and their mate soaring through the skies together in a fiery display.
  5. A mage and their apprentice sharing a quiet moment by a magical pond as they plan their next spell.
  6. A pair of angels exchanging vows in a celestial wedding ceremony.
  7. A pair of centaurs nuzzling noses as they watch the sunset over a tranquil lake.
  8. A mermaid and their human lover holding hands on a rocky shore.
  9. A pair of elves sharing a kiss under a blooming cherry blossom tree.
  10. A pair of dragons curled up together in a cozy cave, surrounded by treasure.

I hope that this gets you excited to draw something sweet and romantic this week!

If you are interested in seeing more Ideas, let me know in the comments or browse some of these links!

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