20 Ideas for Fantasy World Drawings – #1

20 Drawing Ideas featuring Fantasy World Themes

About two years ago I started making Youtube videos on interesting drawing ideas that you can use when you are going through art block. Here are 20 examples of some Fantasy World ideas that I thought could come in handy.

  1. A group of explorers are trekking through a dense, enchanted forest filled with treacherous magical creatures, seeking a powerful artifact hidden within a long-abandoned temple.
  2. A sorceress is flying atop her dragon steed, soaring through a cloudy sky towards a distant mountain range, hoping to find an ancient tomb filled with lost magical knowledge.
  3. A team of archeologists is delving deep into a dark, underground tomb filled with cursed mummies and hidden traps, searching for the key to unlock an ancient, mystical portal.
  4. A group of adventurers is braving a scorching desert filled with sandstorms and fire-breathing dragons, searching for the legendary Oasis of Eternal Life.
  5. A band of pirates is navigating through dangerous, treacherous waters filled with magical sea monsters, seeking a hidden island rumored to hold vast treasures and powerful magical artifacts.
  6. A young wizard is exploring a vast, enchanted library filled with dusty tomes and forbidden scrolls, hoping to find a spell that will unlock her full potential as a magician.
  7. A rogue adventurer is sneaking through a hidden underground city filled with dark elves and goblins, seeking the location of a powerful enchanted blade that can only be wielded by the pure of heart.
  8. A group of knights is battling a massive, fire-breathing dragon that has been terrorizing the countryside, hoping to earn the favor of the local magical council.
  9. A team of explorers is scaling a massive, treacherous mountain, hoping to reach the summit and discover the lost city of the Sky People.
  10. A powerful sorceress is battling a dark necromancer who seeks to raise an army of the undead to conquer the realm, using all of her magical prowess to protect her people.
  11. A group of adventurers is delving deep into a massive, ancient dungeon filled with puzzles and traps, hoping to find the magical sword that can slay the demonic overlord who threatens their homeland.
  12. A team of scholars is deciphering a lost language written in runes and glyphs, hoping to uncover the secret location of a powerful magical artifact.
  13. A band of nomads is journeying through a mystical desert, seeking the location of a hidden oasis that can cure all ailments and provide endless sustenance.
  14. A young apprentice is learning the secrets of magic from an ancient and powerful wizard, undertaking perilous quests and battling dangerous foes to prove her worth.
  15. A group of explorers is venturing deep into an enchanted forest, seeking a powerful fairy queen who can grant their wishes and reveal hidden secrets.
  16. A rogue adventurer is breaking into a heavily guarded, enchanted castle, hoping to steal a powerful enchanted amulet that can grant him great wealth and power.
  17. A team of scholars is researching a long-forgotten magical ritual, hoping to use it to heal a land that has been blighted by a terrible curse.
  18. A powerful sorceress is traveling through a magical portal to a different realm, seeking allies to help her defeat a great evil that threatens the multiverse.
  19. A band of mercenaries is battling a legion of demonic invaders, seeking to protect the realm from their nefarious schemes.
  20. A lone adventurer is braving a vast, enchanted wasteland, hoping to discover the location of a mystical city that is said to contain vast treasures and forbidden knowledge.

These ideas can inspire you to create epic and awe-inspiring artwork that captures the grandeur a fantasy world and the beings living inside of it. It will also hopefully get you out of your art block.

If you would like to see more ideas to get you out of your art block let me know in the comments! Also look below to find a link to some other related ideas!

20 Ideas for Fantasy World Drawings – #2

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