Vol. 2 – Digital Mega Funky Color Paper Pack

I’m pretty behind on showing off the new digital paper packs that I’ve made, so I’ll be posting quite a bit in the next couple weeks. I decided to also add free sample packs that you can download from my Gumroad in order to see the quality of the images and for your use. So be sure to check out the link and get your free five pack that way you can get some of those.

These colorful pattern designs are great for backgrounds, overlays, and for digital projects where you need a quick texture that you can just throw on. Once again this is a 20 packs of gradient patterns and designs that I created for other artists who need new background elements for their own manga or comic projects, or for their scrapbooking needs.

These 300 DPI images are 3600 x 3600 pixels and in PNG format.

Gumroad Link: https://latishataylorart.gumroad.com/l/clwuh


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