The Last Night – Illustration #3

Today is one of those days when I have more of a brain frog as opposed to a brain fog. You might know what I mean even and deal with this frog often. What I call a brain frog is when my inner thoughts won’t keep quiet and let me concentrate, sometimes my thoughts interrupt my current activities for an unnecessary quip on something that is utterly meaningless or I think about how I need to vacuum again or something else that will take me away from my work. It has been one of those days, but I’ve finished one of my WIPs and have even moved on to more lineart on a separate project. Even with all of the noise I’m seeing these projects move forward and that makes me immensely happy.

I’ve said it in the last post, but I think next week I’ll make a little video talking about each of these art pieces I’ve done and what my project is at this time. Until next time, have a wonderful day!

For those who want a Print, these are now available on my Redbubble!

Yellow and Purple Version:

Black and Color Version:


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