Your Love Fills Me with Happiness

I think we all know those people who are bad at expressing their love. Maybe they don’t show it the way that others are expecting or how their partner wants at first. It can even seem like they are holding back, however it doesn’t mean they do not love you. Not at all. Their lack of expression could mean that they know their actions have more power in a word filled with too many empty words. Instead they do little things for you. They pick up that chocolate you have been craving, or they give you a random little gift one day…something they picked up from the antique store that you pointed out, or maybe they clean the house while your gone at work. You’ll find that they try to make you happy in the ways they can through their actions, and honestly that is a pretty special way to love. Not in the fluff of words, but in the reality of actions.

If you would like to get your special someone a Valentine’s Card this year, be sure to check out my designs on Redbubble.

RB Color Version:

RB Pastel Version:

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