You are worth more than a Dozen Eggs to me!

What a Strange Valentines Day Card

As we go through this recession we are starting to see our grocery prices rise dramatically. Day by day there is something we are cutting out due to the absurd costs of our longtime favorite products. One thing that we’ve seen go up drastically in that time is both chicken and eggs due to various factors such as Avian Bird Flu, labor shortages, and various other concerns. While Lee and I are pretty savvy in the kitchen and we are pretty good about meal plans and not buying things we do not need, sometimes we see one of our favorite things slowly become unattainable. Eggs are one of those things unfortunately. In our own local grocery stores a dozen of eggs is now close to $5.00. As much as we love eggs, the prices no longer make sense, and it is starting to feel more precious than it has ever been. Have we been taking eggs for granted? One of the places we still try to check for eggs is our local farmers market, and unfortunately it is hit or miss every day we go as it is the only place where egg prices are reasonable and fair.

Long story short, this Valentine’s Day coming up I wanted to share a little card idea Lee initially came up with on how your special someone is worth more than a Dozen of Eggs. This is funny for our time (strange), because we are all watching as one of our favorite foods is quickly becoming a luxury. And because of this it made me reflect on how I never thought I would go without my favorite breakfast food, and how different our stir-fry dishes would become. And it made me think on if I could actually go without my special someone, and to that I say NO! He is worth more than a Dozen of Eggs to me.

We all know that our special person must be savored and adored while they are with us in this life and that no matter the cost, they are worth it. Our loved one is someone who should not taken for granted, they are precious beyond belief. While I will miss the once affordable prices of eggs, I will hold Lee closer as we ride this wave of turbulent prices and uncertainty. I hope that you all do too!

If you are interested in getting your special person a Valentine’s Day card this year, think about getting one of my designs. You can find these cards on my Redbubble and Society6.

Redbubble Color Version:

Redbubble Black and White Version:

Society6 Color Version:

Society6 Black and White Version:

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