Halloween Squid Witch Photographic Prints on Redbubble

Halloween is coming! We all know that many Halloween lovers are beginning their festivities early this year and for good reasons! Halloween is a holiday that celebrates the macabre, the unpleasant truths of life, and the alarming fantasies that play like movie reels in our minds. This is a time to be aware of mortality, and of the nature of death. A lot of times the monsters we know and love are allegories for a multitude of things such as Death, Danger, Balance, Religion, and many other intriguing things. And besides all of this stuff, a lot of people just love monsters! Just like me.

Today I want to post about the series of Halloween Monsters and Spirits that I’ve been working on and sharing it with those that want to celebrate and decorate this Halloween. I’ve finished off my initial twenty Halloween designs, and decided to add a few special Ocean Themed Halloween pieces. Here you will see my Squid Witch drawing that I created through Procreate. This squid design came to as I was wondering why there are not more aquatic spell casters out there. So it came quickly to me that there is a lot for me to explore and share with you all.

Hope you enjoy this scary Squid Witch and are looking forward to all of my future projects.

You can find this on my Redbubble here: https://www.redbubble.com/i/photographic-print/Halloween-Squid-Witch-by-textrain/119877153.6Q0TX?asc=u


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