Halloween Pumpkin Witch Photographic Prints on Redbubble

Halloween is coming! We all know that many Halloween lovers are beginning their festivities early this year and for good reasons! Halloween is a holiday that celebrates the macabre, the unpleasant truths of life, and the alarming fantasies that play like movie reels in our minds. This is a time to be aware of mortality, and of the nature of death. A lot of times the monsters we know and love are allegories for a multitude of things such as Death, Danger, Balance, Religion, and many other intriguing things. And besides all of this stuff, a lot of people just love monsters! Just like me.

Today I want to post about the series of Halloween Monsters and Spirits that I’ve been working on and sharing it with those that want to celebrate and decorate this Halloween. A witch possessing a Jack o’ lantern. This witch is a stealthy and dark soul, she has no good intentions as she follows the trick or treaters walking down the road.

You can find this on my Redbubble here: https://www.redbubble.com/i/photographic-print/Trick-or-Treat-Pumpkin-Witch-Halloween-by-textrain/118498518.6Q0TX?asc=u


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