Patreon: Latisha Taylor Art

Hey there everybody!

This week I’ve updated my Patreon and made it a platform to get monthly digital coloring pages for either original designs or fan art drawings that I’ve worked on during the month. There are currently four tiers, and I made it accessible between my divided audience who definitely follow me for separate reasons. Also, if you like both options, there is a tier for that also!

I lowered the prices from yesterday after brainstorming and considering my audience, and I also made it so the middle two tiers get five coloring pages per month. If you pick the top tier you will get both original and fan art pages, so that is ten coloring pages per month. Quick little note, this months theme for original designs are centered around beautiful women, and the fan art side is Chrono Cross fanart that I’ve shared in the past.

Just a reminder digital coloring pages are just images you can print at home! So that means you don’t have to worry about if you mess up or not, because you can just print another page. Also, you can use different colored papers, thicker paper, and anything else that would fit your needs.

Once last thing worth mentioning is that I’m aiming towards an adult audience since there will be a variety of themes, and maybe not all of them will suitable for kids due to violence, scary content, and whatever else I end up creating.

Thank you again everyone for supporting me!

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