Youtube – ‘Magical Girls: The Heart Within’ Digital Coloring Book

This youtube video Latisha Taylor Art talks about her Kickstarter Project Magical Girls: The Heart Within. She will talk about progress and how she will be promoting the campaign to individuals around the world.

More videos to come!

Time to announce my second Kickstarter ‘Magical Girls: The Heart Within’. This 15 page digital coloring book will be featuring a series of original magical girls that have been living rent free in my head for quite a while. This project is going to be updated regularly, and like the last project the more supporters the more bonus goodies for the supporters.

This is a shorter campaign, running at 45 days starting now. I will be posting a video talking more in depth about the project later today for those who are interested. Also, on my youtube channel I will be doing page breakdowns, where I talk about the characters on the pages and some of their backstory or the idea behind them.

For those who don’t know a digital coloring book, is just a coloring book you can print at home! I like this option because you can print on higher quality paper, and color as many pages as you want over and over again. Also, it is great to let the kids color and give them some inspiration!

If you have any questions, let me know!

Here is the Link to the Magical Girls The Heart Within Kickstarter:

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