Digital Art – Metal Rabbit

Here is one of my more simple digital art designs, this design features a handsome Lion. I was inspired to create this Lion after I had begun to listen to the group called Shpongle. I absolutely loved the cover of their album Museum of Consciousness.

If you are interested in wearing this design, I do have it available on my Society6 Storefront! The link will be down below.

Hope you enjoy the design!

King of the Pride Sticker Link:

Social Media Links are available on my Main Page, and also through my LinkTree: 

In the past year I’ve been a very busy lady. Not only have I created two coloring books, over twenty scrapbook paper packs, and various other creations…but I’ve also been drawing continuously, and creating a high volume of digital art designs that are being sold on multiple platforms. 

Doing all of this has taken up my time, and because of that I haven’t updated my website in a long time. So if you’re seeing these on my other social media websites, please note that there will be even more posts from me as I update my site today and in the future. Some of these are already displayed on some of the other platforms, however I do know that the reach will possibly be seen by new eyes.

I appreciate your understanding, and hope that you enjoy seeing more of my content.

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