New Kickstarter Coming Soon: Magical Girls

Getting some backgrounds in for once today, my brain is both happy and trying to grasp it all. Here is the second sketch of the day for my second coloring book featuring Magical Girls. It will be awesome to see how it turns out when I start creating the final line work.

Working on my next project today after doing a lot of maintenance and such yesterday…which was extremely draining. So far I’ve got 12 designs created for my next project which will be another digital coloring book. This one I will be exploring Magical Girls, buildings (ahhhhh!), backgrounds (grudgingly), and multiple figures.

I will be giving more details on it when I start the kickstarter campaign. I am thinking this one will be a 15 page project, unless it gets a lot of traction. We shall see.

Social Media Links are available on my Main Page, and also through my LinkTree:

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