Digital Fanart – Funguy from Chrono Cross

Funguy is a character from the game Chrono Cross, and he is absolutely amazing. While this character has a dark path ahead of him, he is still a beacon of hope. I always loved the concept of his character, and even today I still reminisce about his character. While I do realize that Chrono Cross doesn’t build characters nearly as in depth as I would like, it is what you fill the missing pieces with that makes the characters seem well rounded and more intriguing.

Excited to eventually get the updated Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers.

Currently I am updating my website after a very long break from its maintenance, but today is the day that I need to get it back into working order. So if you’re seeing these on my other social media websites, please note that there will be even more posts from me as I update my site today and in the future. Some of these are already displayed on some of the other platforms, however I do know that the reach will possibly be seen by new eyes.

I appreciate your understanding, and hope that you enjoy seeing more of my content.

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