Becoming Me.

Somehow, someway, it came to me as a child. Art. It was lines, shapes, and color. Kindergarten was when I discovered that I enjoyed creating with my hands. It started out with small cutouts, stickers, and dying markers. Every moment spent in solitude was a learning experience. Sharp scissors were freely given to me, string, paper, beads, the works. Creation was my life, for a short period.

And then it was gone.

Of course, it was a car accident, which led to one thing after another. Hospitalization, the long recovery period, a whole year of school gone, all friendships instantaneously wiped away. Then it was the speech impediment, the social awkwardness, the headaches, the big scar across my forehead, and to make everything worse we moved back to the US after living my early formative years in Japan.

Art disappeared, and I was just trying to wade my way through school, through culture shock, and through a new way of life. Everything was different, hard to become accustomed to. My peers were rude, and didn’t believe a word I said. Nobody understood my life, and for that I was shunned for years. Over time, I became quiet and stopped talking about my life. It was just me and my mom for a while, until she remarried.

Things became better, and art finally came back to me in high school and college. My support was there, and I was finally feeling like I found what I was missing in my life. Unfortunately it was gone after my mom passed away and I didn’t want to create any more. All of my pens, paint brushes, pencils were put down and only lifted once in a strange while.

With years passing in the blink of an eye, eventually there came vision and dedication again. Through the series of events that have happened during my lifetime, I’ve been shaped, reformed, and twisted into an even stranger being, but now I know what has been missing. And I never want to be without it again.

Art comes easier now, it is more fun, and I love sharing it with others. Of course, I find myself extremely lucky now that I can share my creative time with my other half, as he challenges me and helps creates worlds and visions by my side. Music playing to the tune of my art, and my art the visual embodiment of his creations. With our precious time together we have both flourished, and I know that as a team we will become we strive to be, and we shall be even better than that in due time.

My name is Latisha, and I am an artist.

If you’re still interested in my life of art and what I do as an artist feel free to follow me on any of my other social media that way you can be immersed in my Digital Art, Photographs, and Oil Paintings. I have ten years as a digital artist, but these have been the most fruitful and prevalent growing experiences that I’ve had in a very long time.

I’ve also picked up Photography and currently have a shop on Etsy which contains several Digital Scrapbook Paper Designs that will interest both scrapbookers and also Digital Artists searching for some new textures and such.

I hope to see you there!

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